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Peter Nygard has built a global fashion empire employing 10,000 people worldwide and during this journey he has contributed significant funding to critical health research including Breast Cancer.


A pioneer and risk taker Mr. Nygard is now financing extensive research into the promising human therapeutic benefits of SCNT- Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. 


Mr. Nygard has recruited global medical leaders to join him in his new prime mission and he is building a world-class medical facility in the Bahamas where this amazing technology will be employed to change the way we deal with disease and enhance the longevity of Mankind.


This Nygard Biotec site will soon showcase these exciting activities: stay tuned, the promise to live better, live longer is about to come true.


$100 Million Stem Cell Medical Facility to be built

Posted by The Bahama Journal

Next year an ultra-modern stem cell medical facility with an investment of more than $100 million will be built in The Bahamas, according to international fashion mogul Peter Nygard.

Nygard, who is behind this investment, said the stem cell medical facility will allow The Bahamas to compete with countries like Thailand that is already the industry’s leader in stem cell research.

Next year is a big year for The Bahamas, Nygard said as he made an address during the recent Killarney Christmas Service presented by the Commonwealth Humanity United Global Project.

“This is very good for The Bahamas, the whole country and for your health as Bahamians.”

Nygard who is one of the world’s pivotal and strategic business moguls involved in the science of Stem Cells and Reverse Aging, saluted Prime Minister Perry Christie and the government, during his address, for enacting the revolutionary stem cell legislation in 2013.

According to Nygard, the stem cell legislation is crucial to an honourable medical industry and will keep “the snake oil and bad guys” and fraudsters out.

He said every country in the world is clamouring to get involved in medical tourism, which is driven by stem cells, which is the new wave or most advanced medical concept ever known to man.

He added that countries have to offer something which the United States does not make available and The Bahamas’ legislation which regulates and guides the stem cell industry will bring the highest caliber of scientists, medical doctors and patients to this country.

Nygard explained that patients would have the ability to visit The Bahamas for medical care while enjoying their vacation.

Stem cells come from “our own bodies and it is how we are born. Stem cell therapy today in the world is the biggest discovery of our times. In stem cells we find all kinds of cures. Our own body can cure ourselves,” Nygard further explained.

Before the stem cell legislation was passed, Nygard mentioned that he was troubled over the length of time the government took to draft the stem cell legislation, but it is now passed and he is satisfied and appreciates the process because he knows the prime minister always approach issues from a meticulous and cautious stand point.

However, Nygard said the country must pause and focus on health care.

“Bahamas has one of the best gene pools in the world,” according to Nygard and based on the country’s per capita ratio no other nation has produced the number of Olympic athletes.

He said it has always been his pleasure to host Bahamian athletes like “The Golden Girls” and “The Golden Knights” at Nygard Cay.

According to Nygard, The Bahamas seem to have healthy youth, but as ageing sets in the health of people in their 50s and 60s seem to deteriorate.

“Bahamians get sick way beyond their time,” he said.

Nygard assured that he is committed to the science of reverse aging and used various allegories to explain the importance of proper health at every stage of life.

The fashion designer said the record shows that Bahamians go from a healthy youth to a health challenged midlife because of poor dietary habits.

He promised to assist the country in getting Bahamians on track to proper dieting and the right food.

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